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Is Commerce Killing the Brand Experience Star?

Beth Ann Kaminkow, CEO Geometry Global will be hosting the panel debate exploring what the 2019 Cannes Lions winners divulge about the future of brand experience and conversion.

The panel will debate current brand experience trends and how brand experience is the killer differentiator in driving commercial growth, reflecting on the new, digital-first creative generation that innately see no lines between living and buying - the new natives.

The panel will discuss:

  • In what circumstances can brand experiences drive commercial growth?
  • When creative integrates conversion into the brand experience, how does it change?
  • What can 2019's Cannes Lions winners divulge about the future of Brand Experience and Commerce? What trends does the winning work reveal?

Beth Ann Kaminkow

Host Beth Ann is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Geometry – the largest international growth experience and commercial marketing agency, a WPP company. During her more than 20 years in the industry, Beth Ann has touched every aspect of marketing communications across consumer-packaged goods, retail, finance, restaurant and technology companies. She brings to her work a unique perspective from both client and agency-side experience. A strong advocate for insights-inspired marketing programs, she was a pioneer in strategic-planning research methodologies. Beth Ann continues to drive innovation in this space.

Richard Wise

Richard received his training in cultural anthropology and semiotics at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Richard uses his anthropological skills to consult for brands, seeking to uncover startling new insights about why people buy the things they do and how that is connected to the cultural codes that bind them together. Richard’s clients have included Apple, Harley-Davidson, Perrier, Johnnie Walker, Pepsi and Mercedes-Benz. He serves as the global head of planning at Geometry London. He is the author of the humorous book, Save Your Soul: Work in Advertising.

Carolyn McKeever

Carolyn is Shell’s Global Head of Downstream Marketing Communications. Her team are responsible for the communication strategies and creative executions for Shell’s multibillion-dollar Retail, Lubricants and New Energies businesses spanning 40+ markets globally.

She also leads the capability programme on Integrated Marketing Communications and is committed to maximising professional consistency and competence within Shell’s global and local marketing teams. Prior to working at Shell she was with Boots, Zurich and OgilvyOne.

Alicia Carey

Alicia is a Global Agency Director and leads the global relationship with WPP within Microsoft Advertising; based in New York. Prior to that, she led Marketing within Microsoft Advertising’s display business across the global Emerging Markets region. Alicia came to Microsoft with 16 years of experience in global creative and media agency networks across WPP, Publicis and Omnicom, and she managed a diverse range of brands, including Electrolux, Gillette, LG and Dell. Having spent 14 years living within the Asia region, she has worked in Australia, India, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan and Vietnam. For the last five years, Alicia has worked in the United States.

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