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Widely covered in the media, smog and haze are seen as a serious health hazard. Less known is that indoor air quality can be up to 30 times* (*World Health Organization) worse, with microscopic health threats such as mites, formaldehyde, detergents and bacteria often going unnoticed. Protecting the home is easy with air purifiers, but unaware of the problem, people fail to see the product as relevant.

In line with Philips' philosophy of integrating technology and design to provide meaningful innovation, the Breathing Wall is an immersive living art installation that visualises, in real-time, the invisible air problem indoors.

Working with artist Nils Völker, we designed the Wall's 192 bags and 384 fans to inhale and exhale rhythmically, releasing human-like breathing sounds that surprised audiences, and sparked organic conversations about indoor air pollution.

The modular installation travelled to exhibition halls and malls, engaging audiences for an average of 3 minutes. Nationwide coverage via blogs and major media channels estimated a reach of over 2.5 million people. Business impact was positive with significant air purifier sales uplift during the installation event timeframe.