How we inspire people to buy well by uncovering crucial points in their journey

Thought Leadership
By Jon Hamm, Global Chief Creative Officer

In any “journey” of the heart, mind or body we undertake, there is a moment – a moment in which how we feel, what we think and who we are changes.

This change can be caused by any number of factors, be they emotional or rational, big and monumental or small and undistinguished. Maybe the information we have on a particular subject becomes more complete, our need or requirement for something more or less critical, or our sense of wellbeing more secure.

What is consistent to all of these moments is that there is a “change”- a change that moves us from thinking about something to doing it. Our hearts tip from liking to loving. Our minds move from indecision to decision. Our bodies shift from contemplation to action. It is a change that is irrevocable. From which there is no going back because this change happens to us, we have a new perspective, a new conviction, a new state of being.

The moments where and when this change occurs are more than just important or influential; they are the PIVOTAL MOMENTS.

It is this irrevocable change that defines them as pivotal. Without change they would be merely important or influential moments, which whilst not inconsequential are not pivotal.

These Pivotal Moments are the ones we remember as the ones that changed our destiny when we look back on where we are even if at the time we were unaware of their significance.

Why is this relevant for us?

We inspire people to buy well by uncovering these pivotal moments along their journey and create ideas that can exist in them – ideas that become so intrinsic to that moment – so that the action they inspire naturally transforms a person’s relationship with the brand. It’s what allows us to create ideas that feel relevant, useful, fun, and respectful to the person who is experiencing it.

How do we identify these moments?

We establish a systematic map of the journey that people go on when making a purchase decision to establish the status of their relationship with the brand and their intentions towards the category.

These maps are more than a series of inputs or interactions along a person’s journey. They reveal the human complexity behind it all, uncovering the emotional and mental states people experience along the way.

Getting this right helps us reveal the true opportunity for change this presents to brands. But getting this right is much more than just where and when the window of opportunity exists for us to create; we have to dig for that one human truth about it that can inspire powerful ideas.

We call these Pivotal Ideas and they are the focus of everything we do at Geometry.

Put simply, Pivotal Ideas are created with the single-minded intention of inspiring a change in the people that experience them.

To do this, we aim to change more than the way they think, but the way they behave.

Achieving this is hard.

These ideas must be created with the intention of changing a specific behaviour, they must have human truth at their core, exist at the Pivotal Moment and make an action irresistible to ignore.

But get Pivotal Ideas right and we create the most relevant ideas for the modern, connected world we live in.

Ideas that are so compelling they demand attention from an ever more filtered, inattentive audience.

Ideas that will find a receptive place in culture through their utility and relevance to people’s needs.

Ideas that achieve scale beyond their boundaries, as their truth and simplicity make them exponentially shareable.

Most importantly they are ideas that drive transformative action for our clients’ brands and the people that experience them.

Which is at the heart of why we are here.

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