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Core Services

Contrary to popular thought, physical retail is not dead. Despite the e-commerce boom, bricks-and-mortar stores will still account for over 80% of global retail sales in 2021 (eMarketer/Statista).

But retail must evolve, becoming part of the overall omni-channel experience. Exploiting its unique ability of physical interaction and leveraging technology to enhance the experience.

Geometry understands both shoppers’ needs and the retailers seeking to serve them. We use this understanding to create experiences that engage people in relevant, meaningful ways, compelling them to act.

  • Shopper programmes
  • Always-On Experiences
  • Brand/Category at shelf solutions
  • Category re-invention
  • Category marketing
  • Channel/Customer specific programmes
  • Digital @ retail
  • Trade Marketing
  • Global/regional toolkits
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Physical Retail Case Studies


The Gift Bottle


Handle on Hygiene

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Physical Retail Experts & Articles

Meet our experts

Tom Moore: Head of Shopper

13 Jun 2018

High street retail isn't dying - it just needs...

Meet our experts

Gareth Ellen: Chief Strategy Officer, APAC

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Our Offering