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Core Services

Blending behavioural economics, technology and consultancy, we identify the segments and drivers that deliver sustainable growth and efficiency. Our unique methodology allows us to detect conversion moments and optimise marketing spend. We identify change management opportunities that accelerate the alignment of the brand owner’s offering to the target market’s readiness to buy, at specific moments along the purchase decision journey.

Pathfinder, our proprietary tool, delivers unique purchase decision journey insights and analysis by combining qualitative and quantitative, visual interaction and artificial intelligence methodologies, from which we identify:

  • Behavioural archetypes in the category and their specific journeys
  • Triggers, barriers, drivers and insight territories
  • Touchpoint maps relevant to each behavioural segment and their correlation with conversion
  • Change management opportunities to take “# align to grow” opportunities

With this understanding, we identify the actions required to drive growth in the areas of change management, innovation and communications optimisation.

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