It was exhilarating to see teamwork, technology and artistry coming together to create a visible mouthpiece for indoor air quality.

Outdoor air quality is a hot topic in Asia, but few people are aware of the indoor air quality issue – which can be up to 30 times more harmful.

The solution is simple: air purifiers. Philips wanted to raise awareness and own the conversation about this invisible threat – and make it impossible to ignore. 

We created The Breathing Wall, an immersive 'living' tech-art installation. 192 bags inhaled and exhaled in real-time to the surrounding air quality indoors, supported by messages that displayed shocking educational health facts.

The Wall travelled to exhibition halls and malls, and breathed fresh life into a much needed conversation.

Unlike traditional communication agencies, we get the chance to be so much closer to our consumers. Creativity developed by us is to be touched, felt, and interacted with by people. We have the opportunity to create for the most free-spirited channels."

Letícia Arslanian, General Manager, Rio de Janeiro

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