10 triggers of ideas, based on observed human behaviors that help us to see the creative potential in every brief.

Based on studies from multiple behavioral fields we revealed 10 categories of triggers that explain (and teach us how to influence) fundamental human behaviors.

We use these as triggers to inspire our teams to look at briefs through a multitude of different lenses.

1 Perception Tricks

What people perceive is what they believe in and their actions follow

2 Fear of Losing

People are driven by rewards, but even more by the fear of losing

3 Personalization

Anything about "me" carries extra significance

4 Fun

Humour and fun reduce people's resistance to action

5 Choice Aids

A little help in making decisions goes a long way, especially in complex or unfamiliar situations

6 Games

The immersive nature of games helps to establish and maintain habits

7 Mental Shortcuts

Everyone uses mental shortcuts to understand the world and make decisions

8 Experience Design

Design elements can transform the nature and quality of any experience

9 Social Norms

Consciously or not, people often trade off their wishes to fit in

10 Emotion

Emotion is almost always more powerful than reason