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Talent has always been one of the most critical parts in the ad industry. Hiring big names usually gets media attention. However, equally important is training. In an industry which depends very much on human skills and creativity, more focus should be put on nurturing and developing young leaders.

Geometry Global recently had its first region-wide training in Asia. Called "Hi-Po" (High Potential), this programme saw 31 employees from across 10 countries attend. The training was carefully designed to ensure participants are from various background spanning from creative and planning to account servicing.

The agenda included soft skills training on negotiation, influencing and presentation skills; coaching from Geometry's global team on digital, new business development and working in a global network; and team exercise of pitching to a client.

Commenting on the training, Simon Heath, Geometry's Global Chief Talent Officer, said, "Our product is ideas so our people are our number one asset; nurturing and developing them is our duty. It was an immense pleasure to spend quality time with Geometry's high-potentials in Asia; our future leaders. They all excelled during the week, demonstrating enthusiasm, ambition and leadership qualities. I am confident they will take Geometry to the next level. Investing in our talents would remain our top priority and it will ultimately benefit not just our own people but also clients".

Renee Ting, Associate Account Director of Geometry Taiwan, added, "I am very honored to join HiPo training and glad that we had this opportunity to meet colleagues from different countries. I also learnt a lot from the training classes, especially presentation training workshop. The instructor explained why and how our body language matter and the importance of the opening speech to catch audience's attention. I will apply these skills to daily work and I believe it will make a lot of difference."

Campaign Brief Asia | Tuesday 08, May 2018 at 5:36 PM by CB