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Ideas that create growth

Geometry is the end-to-end Commerce WPP agency, conceived to activate brands at the speed of life.
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Inspiring people to buy well

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We have a full-service media activation team that handles our National, Local, and Retail Media Buying and Planning that...
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Geometry has developed a best-in-class process for obtaining and leveraging behavioral insights for a results-oriented approach....
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Experiential Marketing

We’ve been leaders in Experiential for 20+ years, which is a testament to our rigorous preparedness and proven...
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We define Shopper Marketing as supporting our clients to affect the commerce of their brands through art, backed by science. It...
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Customer Engagement

Through responsive creative, in-person amplifications and performance measurement, we prioritize the touch points...
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Geometry specializes in providing turnkey solutions and custom advertising plans with manufacturers who sell through...
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Physical Retail

Engaging experiences that increase conversion in physical retail.
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Accelerating growth in an omni-channel world.
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People centric experiences that move, inspire and connect, to unlock value.
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Branding & Design

Active Design that moves People and Brands.
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Guiding organisations through the identification and development of innovations.
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Geometry Intelligence drives brand and category growth by understanding and accelerating the Purchase Decision Journey.

Geometry at Cannes 2019

Is Commerce Killing the Brand Experience Star?

Inspirational Panel Discussion & Brunch

Thursday 20th June 2019

9am - 11am

(Panel Discussion from 9am followed by Brunch)

The WPP Beach, Miramar Plage


Our Latest News, Thoughts and Inspiration


The era of ‘Living Commerce’ erases the lines between...

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Think Your Background Doesn't Influence Your Premium...

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