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Behind Closed Doors

The Huawei Gallery

The Opportunity

Engage and inspire a hard to please, seen it all before trade and influencers at the world’s largest tech & innovation showcase.

The Behaviour Challenge

Huawei have built an impressive reputation for innovative technology but have struggled to convince on the design and aesthetic quality of their products.

The Game Plan

Challenge these perceptions and the conventions of technology trade-shows by standing apart from the chaotic crowd with a more human-centric, serene experience.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

We brought our creative theme of ‘Technology as Art’ to life through the ‘Huawei Gallery’, an interactive, immersive and serene showcase of design and beautiful form.

The Pivotal Experience

A series of ‘art’ installations that brought to life the beautiful design of Huawei’s various product ranges in a curated, tactile, gallery inspired environment. Focused on dramatising functional benefits such as the extreme lightness of their MateBook series and, through engaging interactive experience, the features of their Mobile and Wearables tech.

What Happened

An oversubscribed stand throughout the entire week of IFA, Huawei’s design credentials were recognised and lauded across trade press and key opinion leaders, social and digital feeds. Huawei products showcased at IFA’17 have become sellers with Huawei’s global retail partners.