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Claro was a brand out of the radar of its future clients, the Centennials. They are the kings of content, but they #DontHaveMoney.

Claro created a bank that turns into a currency the most powerful asset in the digital era: their popularity.

They only had to:

  • Generate positive content for the brand and upload it using #ClaroEsCMF
  • Get views
  • Exchange them for minutes, Internet, smartphones and tickets for the most awaited YouTuber event - Club Media Fest

As any bank, to exchange views for products, we:

  • Opened 400 branches all over the city
  • Installed 270 ATMs in Claro retail stores


  • 4,929 centennials generated content enhancing brand reputation in social networks
  • 2 million views in less than 24hrs
  • 9,228,449 views cashed into products, the equivalent COP $70,045,288
  • Over 200 influencer shout-outs impacted their media, turning their idols into a diffusion media