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Sweet Finish for Baileys

The Opportunity

Make Baileys a more frequently consumed drink outside of the Christmas period to which it has become commonly associated with.

The Behaviour Challenge

For Baileys to become the co-conspirator in unapologetic little moments of pleasure.

The Game Plan

Baileys is a magical liquid – part cake, part booze, pure pleasure. We set out to re-frame Baileys as an impulse treat.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

The “Sweet Finish” occasion. When balancing life’s pressures with life’s pleasures, there are moments when you want something a little more indulgent.

The Pivotal Experience

Introduce Baileys as an ingredient, inspiring impulsive and playful twists to dessert and coffee experiences on occasions when women are open to enjoying a real indulgent treat.

What Happened

The activity delivered category growth of +1.3% YoY in Europe, the highest growth for Baileys in a decade. With over 1,500 off-shelf displays, 50% higher than the objective, and an inspiring range of additional SKU launches, we delivered the best ever year of growth for the brand – making Baileys the number one adult treat.