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Ministry of Environment, Colombia
Product Design | Innovation
Previous work

Behind Closed Doors

Posters for Catching Fishermen

The Opportunity

The Lionfish is a stunning but venomous species destroying the Caribbean ecosystem. Our goal was simple: more fishermen were needed to join the Lionfish hunt.

The Behaviour Challenge

It’s hard to capture the attention of these busy fishermen. Historically, Colombian fishermen have ignored the information they receive.

The Game Plan

Convert the information that the Colombian fishermen receive, into constructive, practical information that they would want to keep.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

We designed beautiful posters explaining everything a fisherman needed to know about the fish: toxicology, how to treat stings and how to capture them. However, our posters had a twist.

The Pivotal Experience

Each poster was printed with an innovative perforation technique using Tyvek which, when pulled apart, transformed into a working, lightweight net that fishermen used to bring home the catch, providing a practical fishing function as well as an informative function.

What Happened

The posters were part of a wider, succesful campaign in keeping the Lionfish population under control and even resulted in a decline in numbers of the fish.

Every fisherman converted was able to catch approximately six Lionfish a day. As each Lionfish can lay two million eggs a year, the above numbers can prevent 300 million eggs from populating the Caribbean, impacting the future of the next generation.