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Light & Free X Orla Kiely

The Opportunity

Get 25-35 year-old non-consumers, with a passion for fashion and trends, to consider Light & Free in their repetoire and buy it.

The Behaviour Challenge

The target doesn’t consider Light & Free / EFM category, especially for snacking.

The Game Plan

Launch the new Light & Free flavour, tapping into the personalisation trend to drive consideration and trial.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

Drive awareness, consideration and trial of Light & Free by activating the partnership with Orla Kiely for Limited Edition packs and the free gift (or prize) – exclusive to Sainsbury’s.

The Pivotal Experience

In an execution exclusive to Sainsbury’s, we bring a personalisation station to the front of store, where it’s possible to sample the new Light & Free and personalise the gift with purchase, an Orla Kiely apron.