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The Royal British Legion
Digital | Augmented Reality
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Every Pin Tells A Tale

The Opportunity

Despite the extraordinary work of The Royal British Legion, the poppy is increasingly losing relevance and sales are declining.

The Behaviour Challenge

Keeping the memories of the fallen soliders alive and making the poppy relevant for a generation who don’t have a connection with WW1.

The Game Plan

Forging stronger bonds with today’s generation and the fallen soldiers of Passchendaele, through the poppy.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

Each pin became a portal to the muddy trenches 100 years ago. Moving stories were brought to life and told the tale of who the soldier was and who they left behind.

The Pivotal Experience

We created 60,083 commemorative poppy pins – one for each British soldier who died at the Battle of Passchendaele. We use AR to tell the story of each soldier.

What Happened

By creating a portal from the pin to the muddy trenches 100 years ago, The Royal British Legion were able to raise over £2 million and the interaction rate was at 40% (10 times that of Blippar’s benchmarks).