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Denial vs. Day Nurse

The Opportunity

In a crowded cold & flu category, we had to establish Day & Night Nurse as the absolute benchmark of strength and effectiveness.

The Behaviour Challenge

Our campaign had to get heavy cold or flu sufferers seeking powerful relief to stop shopping for cold and flu in the aisle and instead head to the pharmacy counter and ask for Day & Night Nurse.

The Game Plan

Shoppers fall for a trap set by the competition who claim full strength but are not anywhere near as powerful as Day & Night Nurse. We needed to direct them to the pharmacy counter for truly effective relief.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

Our unbeatable strength smashes through not only cold and flu symptoms, but also outperforms all other treatments – because Day & Night Nurse is there for those colds when Honey & Lemon simply won’t cut it.

The Pivotal Experience

Our work engaged emotionaly while reaffirming our superiority and strength. From couch to shelf we reminded the shopper of our superiority, directing them past the shelf, to the pharmacy counter.

What Happened

Results outperformed expectations. Category penetration grew: 3.7% vs. Target set of 2.6%. While sales grew in real terms and in value terms smashing targets and outperforming YoY results by over 15%.