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Behind Closed Doors

The Opportunity

How to engage retailers on the importance of the MHRA approved ‘switch’ of Viagra from being Rx to P line (OTC) Viagra Connect.

The Behaviour Challenge

Retailer engagement by brands is often just a PowerPoint presented in a hotel room.

The Game Plan

Demonstrate the real life impact of Erectile Dysfunction on relationships and how Viagra Connect can have positive impact on peoples’ lives by creating empathy with retailers (pharmacists) who sell it.

The Pivotal Experience Platform

Dramatising the real-life interactions of a modern couple affected by Erectile Dysfunction, their discovery, purchase and use of Viagra Connect in the House.

The Pivotal Experience

Immersive theatre where actors play out relationship scenarios surrounding Erectile Dysfunction, the discovery, purchase and use of Viagra Connect in front of a live audience of retailers that move through the house witnessing the emotions behind closed doors and practical retail interactions of a P-Line purchase.

What Happened

Successful engagement and sell-in of Viagra Connect to retailers’ (pharmacist) key accounts. Testimonials from retailers included “Best retail engagement I’ve ever experienced, it really brought the importance and opportunity of this Rx to P-Line Switch into perspective. Two week exclusive launch at Boots saw £1m sold in 14 days; this equalled a pack sold every minute. This success is ongoing.