The most powerful and disruptive ideas are often the simplest ones. That’s why this one works so well.

WWF’s 2014 Living Planet Report made for grim reading, with many species facing extinction. And WWF needed people to know.

Because people love videos of cute animals, we decided to post videos with titles like ‘Cute Pandas Dancing’, ‘Polar Bears Hugging’ and ‘Lovesick Gorillas’. But instead of playing the clips, viewers were met with messages such as “This content is no longer available due to the deforestation of the world” or “…due to illegal wildlife trade”.

The hard-hitting message was soon shared on blogs and social media, generating 1.25 million media impressions worth 230.000 DKK in free media.

Proving beyond doubt that cute animal videos are useful after all.

By addressing our shoppers' needs in a manner that talks to their mindset, we can turn an unwelcome intrusion into a moment of serendipity."

Nicki Minchin, Head of Strategy, Cape Town, @MinchinNicki

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