We managed to find an original format, a completely offbeat one for the beer market. Using all existing trends at that time in Moscow we offered our audience a unique experience. Unforgettable, brand new, cool.

Miller Genuine Draft was struggling to gain traction with young adult drinkers in Russia. So for Halloween 2014, we created a new type of branded entertainment, which would go beyond simple costumes and masks. We created the first-ever branded game quest in an abandoned factory.

The only way to participate was to buy three Miller bottles and get Miller Golden Mask as a guaranteed prize.

All available slots were booked within two weeks of the promotion; 70% were booked within the first week of promotion. Originally planned for the limited period of time, Miller quest room operation was eventually made permanent.

Now those are some scarily good results.

We're in the business of being culturally relevant."

James Cahill, Senior Art Director, London, @MrJamesCahill

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