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Captivate: an overview

Captivate is Geometry UK’s platform for thought leadership, events and research. It’s a home for our latest thinking and expertise on the topics, trends and issues of importance for our clients today.

Our Captivate panel events are held once every twelve weeks. Each event is focused on a growth area for our clients. You can find information on our past events below.

Captivate: upcoming events

Our next Captivate event is taking place on Thursday 17th January at 08:00 in our HQ in Paddington, London

Cereal Killers: Is Responsible Design the Death of Brand?

The cereal category is under threat. And it’s not the only one.

Debates are raging on everything from the dangers of too much sugar, salt and alcohol through to challenges of sustainability, recycling and responsible labour. But what does this mean for the notion of ‘Brand’?

Could health warnings invade our kitchen tables? Is Tony the Tiger at risk of extinction?

Will the need for responsible design signal the death-knell for the ‘Brand’ as we know it?

Join us at our next Captivate on Thursday 17th November, from 8am, for a healthy debate on how brands can grow in restrictive categories, the critical role of design in driving that growth and plenty of cereal.