Secrets of e-Commerce at Condé Nast

Geometry UK's Head of Digital Lectures at Condé Nast Fashion College
The inspirational and highly influential Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design invited Geometry UK’s Head of Digital, Debbie Ellison, to lecture at its BA [Hons] Fashion Communication course as part of a series of talks held with WIRED.
"We are very excited to have launched a thought-provoking series with WIRED magazine, kicked off by the brilliant Debbie Ellison. She left students fizzing with ideas and questions about not just today's ever-shifting retail landscape but also the extraordinary, mind-bending implications of what might lie ahead", said Susie Forbes, Principal of Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design.
Over seventy students joined Debbie’s “The Real Secrets of e-Commerce” talk – super interested in how tech and innovation impacts business today. There were great questions around the power of the big retailers and the data they hold and also the challenges that new retailers and designers might face on start up.
Debbie looked at how technology is influencing and disrupting the $3 trillion global apparel market via e-commerce. With over 70% of shopping carts abandoned online, Debbie explored how brands and retailers are using tech to reduce this percentage and build business.
The Condé Nast College, part of the Condé Nast Group and home to Vogue, Tatler, CN Traveller, Glamour and Brides, is a critical starting point for people who want to be tomorrow’s stars of the fashion industry. 'Its outstanding resources, leading-edge facilities and access to experts from the worlds of fashion, style and luxury, prepares students to work in all areas of this exciting and innovative industry'.
It was a great opportunity to influence the luxury influencers of the future. To read more about Condé Nast’s College of Fashion and Design, please click here.


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