Pitch Your Passion – Geometry celebrates inspirational side-hustles

“People today are largely entrepreneurial by instinct, comfortable with disruption and change, but, little of this sits comfortably with conventional office practice” says Geometry UK’s Head of HR, Elke van Tienen. “To help us retain and attract the best and the brightest people, we looked for a modern way to celebrate and support astonishing talents, interests, entrepreneurship and creativity across our diverse workforce. And, Pitch Your Passion was born.”
Pitch Your Passion is a quarterly contest inviting everyone in Geometry UK to share their great passions beyond business. It’s part of a series of initiatives reflecting our “People First” culture. “We believe that if people can truly be who they are at work – collaboration, creativity and innovation will thrive.” said Elke.
A recent Geometry survey uncovered employees with side businesses such as mobile game development, bridal underwear, photography, artisan bread baking, make-up artistry; and passions for competitive downhill biking, music production and sound design, perfumery, architecture, screen printing, and volunteering.
A short-list of three is chosen, with finalists making a personal pitch of their own special passion to the management panel. The winner is awarded £1000 to invest in their business or passion.
The first round of winners has been announced: Senior 3D Designer Chris Loydall, who overcame a serious spinal injury to resume his passion for competitive mountain biking, was declared overall winner. Runners up include fragrance maker, Senior Art Director Sergey Dziniruk, and Senior Designer Aaron Quince who aspires to help build infrastructure in developing countries.
For a flavour of Pitch your Passion – please click here to watch our film.


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