Have brands lost the human touch?

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the second in Geometry Global UK’s newly launched series of Captivate thought leadership events when we hosted a thought-provoking gathering to explore the role of experiential in modern marketing. The premise: in a world driven by tech, how should brands connect with a human touch?


To set the tone of the evening, we hosted Captivate with our innovation partner Projection Artworks’ at its award-winning, immersive experience showroom in London’s trend-setting Kentish Town. And, our panel of experts came from some of the UK’s smartest pioneers in experiential and customer experience: Tom Burch, Managing Director at Projection Artworks; Martin Sewell, Managing Director at Rockar; and Geometry UK Head of Experiential, Andy Dougan.


Setting the scene, Michelle Whelan, Geometry UK CEO observed that the experience economy continues to boom as people spend less on things and more on things to do. “Opportunities afforded by ever-increasing accessibility of data and new technology are ripe for brands looking to innovate and enrich the customer experience.”


But, she questioned, “Does the desire to create impact in this new economy mean that brands are at risk of overwhelming the customer? How do we find balance between impressing with innovation while maintaining the human touch?” Experiential offers up, she believes, the ideal prospect for brands to walk the line.


Three conclusions were drawn by the Captivate audience across marketers, industry influencers and tech innovators:


1.    Feelings matter: When designing and delivering experiences, brands need to question how they will make people feel, not simply what they want them to do. Getting this right will connect experience with emotions and deliver memories not just moments. [Tom Burch, Projection Artworks]

2.    Smash emotional barriers: Dispel long-held traditions embedded in categories and break through fundamental emotional barriers for shoppers to deliver an experience that truly has the customer at the heart. The panel agreed that this is especially important when dealing with established experiences such as car purchase. [Martin Sewell, Rockar]

3.    Activate tech with purpose: The very technology we fear may compromise on human touch, when used wisely with purpose, will actually enhance, enrich and help to create a human-centric experience – just consider branded sensory experience. [Andy Dougan, Geometry Global UK]


Our Captivate content will soon be live. Please search Geometry Global Captivate on YouTube.


Our next event is scheduled for the New Year. Watch this space!

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