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The Ad That Ran

The Problem
Aqium anti-bacterial hand sanitiser launched an upgrade of its product in the middle of Sydney's hottest ever summer. This launch was outside of the 'cold and flu' season when traditionally this category advertises. So how do we use this time of the year to our advantage? By using the insight that the record Summer temperature is a perfect storm of heat and humidity, which may help germs multiply and spread with every contact.

The Solution
Targeting the over 1 million commuters travelling the Sydney train system every weekday, surfaces of the busy train station were covered with invisible UV ink. During morning peak hour, commuters unwittingly picked up the UV ink with their hands.

When they walked through the 'UV light' activation area, what they saw was not a healthy glow, but a shocking demonstration that showed just how easily germs are spread.

The results
The activation horrified thousands of commuters, driving behaviour change in a time when good hand hygiene practices were low. Videos of the experiential event were used to motivate internal staff and gain retailer support.

The client's sale objective for Aqium Ultra was 5% of the total sales of the Aqium range by the end of March. Sales of Aqium Ultra reached 12.6% as of 31 March 2017 (IRI Aztec Report - Hand Sanitiser Market 02/04/17), more than doubling client expectations.

Targeting the spread of germs during the 2,953 train trips taken by commuters every weekday within the Sydney CBD.
Invisible UV powder mixed with water inside spray bottles. The Invisible UV ink was applied to train station surfaces.
With every touch, unsuspecting commuters picked up the UV ink with their hands and started the transfer process.
Under UV light, commuters were shocked when they saw how easily the UV ink was picked up and spread to other objects.
Aqium Ultra anti-bacterial hand sanitiser was available for thousands of commuters to sanitise their hands...without the need for soap and water.