Research reveals how millennial parents differ in their parenting and shopping habits

A new study by Geometry Global North America finds that marketers may be missing the boat when it comes to marketing to Dads.  While Dads are under the impression that they share the majority of household responsibilities, including shopping, most say that advertisements are rarely marketed to them.

The study found that 41% of new fathers are likely to switch brands when preparing to become a parent, or as soon as they do. The percentage wasn’t far off from mothers, 43% of whom said the same thing.  Both fathers and mothers cited health as their primary motive for changing brands.

"I call these fathers ‘in the now Dads’—they are very ‘now’ in the contemporary way they approach parenting and shopping," said Chief Strategy Officer Marta LaRock. She said the study should help guide marketers in how they approach young dads. "Marketers are missing a trick when it comes to relating to Millennial fathers. Brands need to truly understand what motivates all their consumers if they want to inspire them to buy their products."

Where to shop and what to buy also becomes more of a question when buying for a new family the study notes.  Fathers choose convenience over price, while mothers tend to keep an eye on costs.  Parents are also changing brands in order to provide the family with more natural products, with fathers’ shopping habits tending towards higher prices, organic products and healthy ingredients.

"We know that having a baby changes your life, but this research shows that this change extends to shopping behavior too," said Marta. "And what is most interesting to me is that fathers appear to change even more than mothers in some ways."

The study surveyed 645 parents between the ages of 18 and 35 who have children 13 years old and younger. Of the parents, 317 were fathers, while 328 were mothers.

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