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Kevin has been with Geometry for 15 years. During this time Kevin has been instrumental in creating and developing the Data Management and Analytics capability to the central position of the Geometry offering. The ethos has always been to deliver strong consultative solutions based upon robust data services, analytics and insights. In the current role with data at the heart of the proposition, Kevin works closely with all other business streams and industry partners to ensure that data and insights are truly threaded throughout the Geometry solution with strong insights driving communication activity. More recently has also taken on-board the GDPR mantel and is a key part of Geometry’s GDPR steering team and responsible the security of all client data under our care

As a Fellow of the IDM and over 25 years experience in data, direct marketing and CRM, including developing and running account management, production and customer analysis facilities within such companies as G2, DunnHumby, Rapp and Identex, gives Kevin a solid working knowledge of data, analysis, marketing and commercial business – a hybrid for the big solution.

Key Client involvement has included: Adobe – Developing and managing a Global database and analytics facility, Fidelity – database design and strategy, Amway – Design and implementation of a CRM solution in S. Korea, plus among others, Canon,, Reed Business, P&O, Euromoney and EuroTunnel.

When not at work Kevin is a family man and a keen DIY enthusiast on renovation projects. He also enjoys attempting to keep fit, cycling and travelling and often combines these activities to raise money for charity on international challenges.

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