Leonardo is our process to bring rigour, structure and simplicity to a complex world.

Our 5 steps process uses the PDJ to inform our strategies and inspire Pivotal Ideas that together, re-shape journeys for maximum engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

Five steps

  • 1 Unlocking the opportunity
  • 2 Mapping the journey
  • 3 Breaking the mould
  • 4 Creating the program
  • 5 Assessing the impact

We start by sharply defining the business problem and understanding the surrounding context. What do we want to achieve / whose behavior do we want to change?


We gather and organise the behavioral insights from the Purchase Decision Journey


We develop and brief a strategic point of view that ensures we go to market in a way that is unexpected and innovative in the category. The Pivotal Brief tells our story, revealing a human truth and the pivotal moment, laying the foundation for the creative work


We design and orchestrate the set of activities that will live across the PDJ. Identifying the supporting activities that radiate out from the pivotal moment, ensuring all of our activities work together, efficiently and effectively


The Precision Dashboard measures performance against clearly identified metrics and KPI’s

Unlike traditional communication agencies, we get the chance to be so much closer to our consumers. Creativity developed by us is to be touched, felt, and interacted with by people. We have the opportunity to create for the most free-spirited channels."

Letícia Arslanian, General Manager, Rio de Janeiro