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With over 20 years experience, Andy’s career in marketing communications began in 1996 when he realised that being a member of a touring rock band, was likely to be a short-lived career and was drawn towards the creative nature of the agency world. Since then he has focused on creating and delivering transformational consumer and trade engagement solutions for some of the world’s leading brands including: Huawei, Shell, Emirates, BMW Group, Jumeirah, Emirates Airlines, PepsiCo and Microsoft.

In June 2016, Andy returned to join Geometry UK as Head of Experiential, working in close partnership with Geometry’s other capability leads. Prior to Geometry, Andy led ENERGY to become one of the UK’s top performing experience agencies building business growth for brands including TJX Europe, Global Radio, Nokia, Avis and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Andy is a regular mentor for Elevate which is aimed at supporting new start-ups within the agency sector and is also a Trustee for Action for M.E.

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