71% of shoppers would shop retail if AR was offered

The explosion of ecommerce has put pressure on the physical retail world – but Augmented Reality is proving a key technology for retail innovation, creating a new concept known as Augmented Retail which adds a digital layer to the physical world and can positively influence purchase intent and weight and frequency of purchase.

Writing in Admap, Debbie Ellison, Head of Digital at Geometry Global UK and Omaid Hiwaizi, Global Head of Experience Strategy at Blippar, argue that modern shoppers, driven by the ubiquity of mobile devices now expect effortless convenience - frictionlessly finding products they want and delighting in those they didn’t know they wanted.

New understanding of shopper motivations reveal how new e-commerce entrants have been turning the tables on retailers and that a new world order is tapping into Augmented Retail to connect with today’s shoppers. Interestingly, The Retail Perceptions study told us that 71% of shoppers would shop at retailers more often if they offered AR.

We have identified six moments where Augmented Retail can tap into the purchase decision journey successfully:

  • Triggering the news: creating shopper missions
  • Choosing and getting to a store
  • Navigating around the store to the aisle
  • Product selection
  • Purchase and checkout
  • Product use

We believe that executed well in a retail/shopper environment, Augmented Retail can enhance the shopping experience, and, accelerate growth.

Please click here to read the full article: Admap

Earlier this year, Geometry UK announced partnership with Augmented Reality Blippar. Our UK agency has also recently launched Sensory Reality marketing.

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