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Very broad experience in Branding & Design and Innovations planning across many categories.

Core skills include product and brand development from ideation and positioning, through qualitative and quantitative research, and onto the development of packaging, naming, communications, route to market strategies and manifestos.

More recent focus on creating deeper strategic consideration of brand and design thinking across all integrated agency client work. Defining an ‘Active Design’ that embraces a people-up focus on usability and applicability in response to the strategic challenges our industry faces.

Clients have included the alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, coffee and tea, toothpaste, and cold remedy categories, with brief excursions into the world of dog food, children’s TV, and health campaigns.

Outside of work, Martin's main interests are design, art, furniture design and painting, modernist architecture and trying new things. Extensive travel experience including Japan, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Australia and many parts of Europe and USA. Martin is also known amongst friends for taking photos of strange shoes he sees on the London Underground."

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