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Filipe Lampreia is a Portuguese Strategic Planning professional with a degree in Business Communication, and an MBA in Strategic Marketing, with more than 15 years of experience and cultural knowledge in vast agencies, markets and multiple countries, including Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and USA.

With keen ability to develop and implement marketing, advertising and shopper marketing plans to identify and profit from new opportunities, driving innovative strategies to inspire the creation of truly integrated and effective engagement campaigns, capable to enhancing the shopping experience through powerful insights in the path to purchase.

Prior to joining Geometry Malaysia, Filipe was Regional Strategic Planning Director at Visual Latina based in Atlanta, USA, for Coca-Cola Global/North America and Kellogg’s Latin America.

Previously, was Head of Strategic Planning at Geometry Costa Rica and later in Geometry Mexico, working for different clients at global, regional and national level such as British American Tobacco, Danone, Mondelez, Kimberley Clark, Mazda, Amex, Huawei, among others clients in areas such the shopper marketing, trade, digital, e-commerce and experiential.

Also, worked for Ogilvy & Mather (Costa Rica) and Saatchi and Saatchi (Brazil).

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