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The opportunity.

To get Wagner-fans accross Europe to consider the Budapest Wagner Festival (BWF) as THE ultimate experience among other Wagner festivals.

The behavior challenge

For BWF to provide classical music enthusiasts to experience the music as never before.

The game plan

Add the sense of sight to the sound of music. Bringing Wagner’s innovative spirit into the festival’s every moment – through his Gesamtkunstwerk (Total work of Art) ideology – so that even those can get a glimpse of his genious who don’t have a festival ticket.

The Pivotal Experience Platform.

Introducing innovative ways in which we communicate to the fans, including a new look and feel to the Festival – enabled by technology, in line with Wagner’s visionary spirit.

The Pivotal Experience

Seeing Wagner – a new design language presented by innovative technology that created a multi sensorial experience.

What happened

Tickets for the 2019 festival have sold out a year ahead.


Won Gold Lollipop Award 2018