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Geometry Dominates at 2018 Dragons of Asia

Our Agency Group has been recognized among the coolest employer brands in Hungary. Geometry Hungary won silver prize in middle-sized companies’ category for its yearly employer branding strategy implemented in 2018. By the prestigious award the idea of introducing a vibe manager position by the agency group and the year-long program executed by our new colleague, Judit Járadi scored full marks within employer branding and HR professionals. Judges highlighted that the strength of the concept was the far-seeing and innovative thinking how this new position answered the fluctuation challenge and intended to compensate decreasing popularity of the advertising industry. As Judit summarized once “vibe management means an integrated modern HR approach that puts people and company culture in the focus of all actions; it includes internal communication, events, fun actions, office pimp but also cohesion, personal development, training & learning activities and PR that finally results a unique and motivating employee experience tailor-made to the organisation and its people.”

The award has been given to the best employer brands of the Hungarian market 4th time by the Hungarian Public Relations Association.

At the ceremony
The winners