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The Changing Role of Commerce

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Geometry Guide to The Intersection Of Tech & Commerce

Today technology touches more aspects of our lives than ever before. This made the trends on display at CES 2020 more relevant than ever and we’re betting big on their continued impact on technology in the evolution of commerce. As the whirlwind of CES subsides, the best thing we can do coming out of the week in Las Vegas is to ask the right questions. Geometry is here to sift through the noise and take a deeper look into what’s relevant and game-changing versus what’s merely buzzworthy. Our goal is to reframe all the ‘cool’ tech we saw and help marketers understand how it will impact consumer behavior, experiences and the moment of conversion, and how this will change the future of commerce.

Click here to read more than just another trend summary from CES, but rather our insights into why you should care about what just happened at CES 2020.