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Julia Dovlatova
Creative Director
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High street retail isn't dying - it just needs to evolve

Ideas have no borders is a cliche, and I am proud we live up to that.

Touching Masterpieces - a project for the client based in Almeria, Spain, was ideated in the Czech Republic, launched in the National Gallery in Prague and went viral around the whole planet.

Thousands of Winners - a project for RunTour, a Czech Running Series brand that is totally unknown abroad, got high appraisal in the United States in the shape of two beautiful Silver Clio for innovation and creativity along with New York and London based agencies with campaigns for brands like Nike, adidas or Under Armour. The same very project brought us a proud gold Effie on the local market.

As long as one has a dedicated team that has the same level of commitment, the right talent and a realistic view on market, clients and agency capabilities, they stand a chance to produce work that would be appreciated both locally and internationally.

It doesn’t matter how big your agency is. It helps if it’s big and international, but it’s not the key.

It doesn’t matter how big the brand is. It helps a lot if it is a known one, but again - it’s not a recipe for success, rather a big facilitator.

It doesn’t matter how big is a problem you’re solving. It helps if it’s the one experienced by many globally, but the key is to have just the right one.

And that’s probably the toughest nut to crack.

The phrase that’s usually assigned to Albert Einstein is still a big truth:

If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.

I am happy Geometry supports this wisdom. Solving problems is in fact what we do most of the time. Investing into identifying the real problems - of both brands and people - and then aiming to solve them like no one before.

It makes advertising quite an exciting field to be, don’t you think?