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#WeAreGeometry. A new breed of Creative agency.

For us Commerce is more than the simple transactional exchange of goods and services. Consumers no longer need to go to a shop to acquire what they desire. And in countless instances, 'shops' are no longer there to simply sell. We buy on social channels and socialize in convenience stores. It is a new landscape and a new medium, and it’s time to reimagine the role of Commerce within it.

Geometry has combined forces with VMLY&R to become the world’s most comprehensive end-to-end global Creative Commerce Company. Brave just got braver. Same brave vision, new brave look. Check back for updates and our new site coming soon! In the meantime, find us at


Our Practice Areas


Driving footfall and conversion through integrated physical, digital and social campaigns.


Bringing brands, people and culture to life through immersive and engaging experiences, online and offline.


Elevating the brand's value through thoughtfully crafted visuals, products, services and spaces.


Designing and implementing fresh solutions to solve tough extraordinary problems.

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