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Ramesh Krishnamurthy is Director of Digital, Technology and Experience.

As a senior marketing professional with over 25 years of marketing, digital transformation and technology experience, Ramesh joins Geometry as part of the capability leadership team. Ramesh will deliver growth and increased experience across ecommerce, D2C strategies, proximity marketing models and digital transformation. He has launched an online category management tool, giving clients data, insight and recommendations needed to escalate growth across eCommerce, D2C and social selling. He is also working on 'Category First Growth Strategies' to deliver improved channel penetration.

Ramesh was business consultant with Happiest Minds (UK), a next-generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company. He was subject matter expert for the Consumer Product Group and Retail Business, working with global FMCG, retail and luxury brands in the UK and across Europe.

Data and technology achievements include creation of a Proximity Marketing framework with solutions based on customer opt-in options from out-of-store to in-store shopping experiences. He helped build a machine learning and business analytics framework to create actionable insights in category management for FMCG customers.

Prior to Happiest Minds, Ramesh was global managing director of digital creative services company, Basil UK, working with global companies and advertising agencies. Through digital and data, he led marketing and business efficiencies programmes for Unilever, SC Johnson, Pepsi, Thermopatch BV, HayGroup and Lenovo.

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