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Darren guides businesses and brands to discover and embrace the unknown unknowns, in order to revolutionise their categories, channels and consumer offerings to create new predictable growth.

Darren's work is all about analysing what’s happening on the streets, in real-world market conditions, so that we can test and iterate new products, services and experiences - and new ways for real shoppers and consumers to discover, consume and talk about brands.

Darren's personal mission is to make brands and products people care about, not to make people care about brands and products.

Darren has spent his life trying to combine genuine behavioural modification / rehabilitation techniques and psychological research, with the need for businesses and brands to evolve, grow and become more responsible. He's worked in technology, product design, UX, NPD, software development, in everything from alcohol to ammunition, from tech to CPG, from start-ups to the biggest brands in the world.

Darren's client portfolio has covered sectors including confectionery, QSR, alcohol, sportswear, technology and energy providers.

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