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Republica de Colombia
Product Design | Innovation
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The Lionfish Invasion
The Lionfish is an invasive species that threatens the Caribbean; it lays more than 2,000,000 eggs per year, it has no natural predator in these waters and it feeds off of native fish, therefore destroying the coral reef balance. It has become a risk for the environment and the economy for more than 30 countries.

The Idea
The only way to fight this menace was to eat it, so we started working alongside Colombia's most important chefs, who helped turn Lionfish into a trendy dish.

Afterwards, we popularized it by selling it in supermarkets throughout the country for the first time.

Easter Week
More than 84% of Colombia's population is Catholic and half of them eat fish during Lent and Easter Week. That's why we sought help from the most influential institution in history: The Catholic Church. Priests all over the country supported the campaign by inviting Catholics to not just eat fish during Holy Week, but to eat Lionfish. A cultural impact that traditional media would've never accomplished.


  • Colombia's President joined the campaign, inviting fellow Colombians to eat Lionfish during Easter week.
  • We created a supply chain from scratch: fishermen, fisheries, restaurants and hotels, all working together to stop this menace.
  • We achieved a cultural shift. Millions of Colombians were invited to eat Lionfish, making it part of their daily diet.