Technological transformation, changing behaviors and the changing expectations people have from brands inspired our existence and continues to inspire everything we do today

This gave rise to a belief

Brand activation is NOT about sell, sell, sell, but inspiring people to buy well.

Our business is transforming brand equity into action.

Inspiring Action Through Pivotal Ideas

1 Ideas that are specifically created and designed to shape or influence our behavior

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2 Emerge from a human insight

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3 Inspire an action

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4 Exist at the exact right moment to pivot a person's relationship with a brand

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Pivotal ideas are more than just about the power they wield:

They are perfectly suited for the connected world, compel an evermore inattentive audience to take notice, find a place in culture through their utility and relevance, and achieve scale beyond their boundaries through their truth and simplicity.

Most importantly bring about real change and drive transformative action.

Change begins with understanding

The Purchase Decision Journey (PDJ) is our way of understanding the world.

It reveals the journeys people go on, the steps they take, how and why their behavior changes over time; connecting the dots to reveal patterns in behavior and the pivotal points of influence along the way.

Underpinned by three pillars:

1 Behavioral Triggers

10 triggers of ideas, based on observed human behaviors that help us to see the creative potential in every brief.



Leonardo is our process to bring rigour, structure and simplicity to a complex world.


3Mona Lisa

A global digital platform to nurture, develop and bring ideas to life.