A brand can spend a small lifetime trying to communicate directly with five million consumers. Or we can time our activities around one large congregation when a dominant percentage of our audience is likely to be around.

Diarrhea kills millions annually in developing countries – a tragedy that could be prevented by simply educating people about washing their hands before eating.

Changing the habits of over 100m people is an enormous challenge. Saying exactly the right thing, to the right people, at the right time is the only way to achieve it.

We chose the roti – a popular Indian bread eaten with hands – as our novel medium. Using a heat stamp, we printed our message directly onto roti at the largest religious festival on the planet.

At a cost per contact of less than 1 cent, we gave millions of people serious food for thought.

The systematic mapping of the entire journey through the PDJ is central to our way of working... more than just the framework for gathering and organising insights, it helps us to conceive and execute the strategies that place our Pivotal Ideas at precisely the right moment on the journey."

Jonathan Dodd, CSO, London

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