It was exhilarating to see teamwork, technology and artistry coming together to create a visible mouthpiece for indoor air quality.

Outdoor air quality is a hot topic in Asia, but few people are aware of the indoor air quality issue – which can be up to 30 times more harmful.

The solution is simple: air purifiers. Philips wanted to raise awareness and own the conversation about this invisible threat – and make it impossible to ignore. 

We created The Breathing Wall, an immersive 'living' tech-art installation. 192 bags inhaled and exhaled in real-time to the surrounding air quality indoors, supported by messages that displayed shocking educational health facts.

The Wall travelled to exhibition halls and malls, and breathed fresh life into a much needed conversation.

Pivotal Ideas comes from playing and looking at things with a fresh, unexpected point of view - giving you a more exciting and engaging creative leverage to boost your brand above the clutter."

Alia Kardin, Creative Director, Jakarta

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