We created designs that solved two major problems: Affordability and Safety.

Lionfish are a serious menace for Colombia and the Caribbean’s environment.

They eat crucial species, endangering the environment and the livelihood of more than 400,000 people in Colombia, who depend on fishing to survive.

Lionfish is poisonous to human contact and the tools to capture it in a safe way are unaffordable for local fishermen, who live off just 6 USD a day.

So we created designs for traps that used only common recycled materials, reducing the cost of traps by over 96%. We then handed out illustrated instruction booklets and set up workshops to teach the importance of hunting lionfish.

Good news for everyone involved. Except the lionfish…

It’s about creating meaningful, valued engagements with people in the precise moment that matters to them and in turn connecting them to the product, service or brand that meets their need"

Steve Harding, Global CEO, New York

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